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vabaduse festival


Rovegan is a play and theatre performance about economic migration. It focuses on the story of poor Romanian women working in Italy and the effect this kind of dislocation has on their personal life and that of their families.

(Raw)manian vegan means to inform its readers and potential audiences about the effects of poverty driven migration, using the example of a Romanian Mother working in Italy as a caregiver (badanta)*, and her family.
*Badanta is a very specific Italian term that refers to women (especially immigrants) who take care of Italian elders and sometimes children. Most of the time they also do the housekeeping and live with the families that employ them.
Inspired by Liliana Nechita’s book, Bitter cherries and made after extensive documentation in villages in Vaslui County, ROVEGAN explores the phenomenon of poverty-driven migration from Eastern Europe to the Occident. Following the course of a contemporary fairytale, the show fictifies the experience of mothers who have to go to work in Italy and questions the effects of such a personal and social dislocation.
ROVEGAN takes the form of a collective storytelling following the story of three generations of women and the way they each fight for a better life.
ROVEGAN is part of the migration trilogy along with Ready for export and The Battlefield.

Cast and crew
RAW [ro]manian vegan or
The ethical production of milk and other goat stories
By Catinca Drăgănescu
Cast: Silvana Negruţiu Mihaela Teleoacă Valentina Zaharia
Original music by Alexei Turcan
Video and documentation by Alexandra Dincă, Vlad Bȋrdu and Ionuţ Popescu
Directed by Catinca Drăgănescu
Producers: ARENA & REPLIKA / Arena si Centrul de Teatru Educational Replika (ARENA & REPLIKA)

Duration 1 hour 35 min.

The performance is in Rumenian with Estonian, Russian and English surtitles.